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Controls and Inspections

Our controle process is extremely stringent. We have been TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS certified for many years. Our broaching machines (30 and 60tons) are used to test all our broaches and the test parts are provided together with the tool. Our ZEISS CONTURA machine can capture test part dimensions to proove the accuracy of our broaches.

ZEISS Contura machine 

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Sibsideral- 25 settembre 2021 - DSC02835_.jpg

broaching machines 30 tons

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broaching machines 60 tons

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We design and produce on CNC machines all the the main types of broaches, up to 270 mm diameter, involute, serration and special profiles. The “Shuttle” solution enables us to obtain very tight tolerance on your components. The excellent performance of our broaches is guaranteed by our CNC machines controlled by a proprietary software. We use only steel produced in Europe, provided by certificated suppliers, and coated from select partners.

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